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Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

QUESTION : Can we come to you and purchase?

                                                  ANSWER : No We operate in warehouse's we are not a fruit shop.

QUESTION :   What days do you deliver?

ANSWER :   We Deliver 6 Days a week to see what days we deliver to your area you can see it on the check out days.  

QUESTION :  How much does delivery cost? 
ANSWER :  A maximum flat fee of $5 for each delivery run  

QUESTION : Is there a minimum order value?  

  • ANSWER : minimum order value is $30 or a $5 low fee will occur. 

QUESTION :  When do I have to order by?

ANSWER :  For next-day delivery, orders must be in before 5:00 PM.

QUESTION : Is there a minimum order?

ANSWER : The minimum order is just 30 dollars.

QUESTION : what is the maximum amount of specials can i purchase?

ANSWER : The maximum amount of specials can be purchased is 3 per product, if purchased over 3 product specials Order will be Automatically Cancelled

QUESTION : What happens if I'm not home?

ANSWER : We’ll leave it somewhere safe.

QUESTION : How are the produced Delivered?

ANSWER : We deliver all our produce with our Refrigerated vans or trucks to ensure you receive them nice and fresh  

QUESTION : Who packs my order?

ANSWER : We have a team of qualified packers that have been in the produce industry for years. All
orders are checked before leaving and then Our Drivers deliver it all to you.

QUESTION : What happens if something is out of stock or quality not fresh?

ANSWER : We will replace it with similar items plus Add extra items free of charge.

QUESTION : What happens if Im not happy with my order when receiving it?

ANSWER : We will pick it up and give you full refund.  

QUESTION : Is your produce quality guaranteed?

ANSWER : Yes 100% quality guaranteed.

Have any other questions?
Drop us an email: info@freshexpress.com.au