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Medium Fruit Box


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Medium Fruit Box  

                                          BANANAS - 10 each
                                          STRAWBERRIES - 1 punnet   
                                          ORANGES - 4 each
                                          GALA APPLES - 6 each
                                          PINKLADY APPLES - 6 each
                                          GOLDEN APPLES - 4 each  
                                          PEARS - 6 EACH
                                          NECTARINE - 6 EACH
                                          RED SEEDLESS GRAPES - 500 grams

                                          We guarantee it! We will deliver the freshest possible fruit 

                                          Premium Grade - We only deliver the best quality available.

                                          Free delivery - We will deliver your Fresh Fruit Box free!

                                          Frequency of Delivery & Staff Distribution 

                                          Boxes can be made up to suit each individual floor’s or department’s staff numbers

                                          Fresh Express 

                                          Fruit Delivery Melbourne - Vegetable Delivery Melbourne - Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Melbourne - Food Delivery Melbourne - Fruit Delivery Richmond - Vegetable Delivery Richmond - Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Richmond - Fruit Home Delivery  Ph: 
                                          Melbourne - Richmond

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